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How to Avoid Dog Park Dangers - Keep it Safe and Fun for Your Dog!

A Talk by Sue Sternberg

With so much emphasis on off-leash dog-dog interactions currently popular (from puppy classes, "socialization", doggy day care, dog parks, to family get-togethers), the need to understand dog-dog behaviors has never been greater.

Whether it is a group of dogs playing at a local dog park, or a group of shelter dogs out for exercise, this lecture will take you on a video tour of:

  • The five most common behaviors seen when dogs gather together off-leash
  • Which behaviors are the healthiest, and which are most risky
  • Learn how & when to interrupt risky behaviors
  • How to make sure your dog is truly having fun

Through extensive video footage of dog-dog interactions, Sue will define the benefits and drawbacks of off-leash interactions between unfamiliar dogs.  By viewing videos in slow motion and frame by frame, you will learn how to see dog behaviors in a new way.  Recognizing trouble before it turns to bloodshed is the best way to keep dogs safe, and is a skill everyone can learn.

The best dog parks have attentive owners; interrupting particular red flag behaviors is, by far, the most important component to avoiding bloodshed.  Come learn what red flag behaviors to look for, and how you can keep your dog safe!

If you want to learn more about what constitutes appropriate and safe dog-to-dog interactions, if you go to the dog park,
if you want to know "when to say when" at the dog park…you should not miss this presentation!



Milwaukie Community Center

Oregon Grape Room

5440 S.E. Kellogg Creek Drive

Milwaukie, OR 97222

Wed, Aug.13


About Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg is the founder and director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a local not-for-profit open admission animal shelter in upstate New York.  Sue is an expert in dog aggression and an innovator in the field of shelter dog welfare; she develops programs to prevent pet relinquishment and overpopulation, to match families with safe pets, and to help shelters attend to the mental health of the animals in their care. Training Wheels®, a mobile community outreach program, and Assess-a-Pet™, a method to evaluate animal temperament, are two popular programs developed by Sue.  With 30 years of professional experience, Sue shares her knowledge of dog behavior on radio and television shows, as a popular speaker at national humane and dog training conferences, and through books and videos.

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Cancellations accepted until midnight, August 12th, 2014.


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